Case Studies

Discover how Inter-Connect was able to help these great companies and hiring managers improve upon their success:

Client Testimonials

Hear firsthand how Inter-Connect has helped these clients.

Great River Economic Development Foundation

Quincy, IL
"Had we not had Inter-Connect as part of our hiring team, we would not be where we are today. We’ve made huge strides as an organization and as a community because of this hire."
– Maggie Strong, Member, CEO Hiring Committee

Sisbro, Inc.

Quincy, IL
"I do not look at them as a placement agency. That isn’t the right term to use because they bring so much more to the table."
– Glenn Bemis, General Manager

Williams Shooters Supply, Inc.

Quincy, IL
"If we weren’t using Inter-Connect, my job would be so much more difficult. In the grand scheme of things, we are saving days."
– Leanne Williams, Corporate Secretary

Sharkey Transportation

Quincy, IL
"They know exactly what our company needs and the type of employee needed for that type of work."
– Mark Homan, General Manager

Manufacturing Company

Hannibal, MO
"Had we not engaged Inter-Connect, our hiring costs would have increased by a third or even double as much, and I am convinced our workers’ comp cost would have increased as well."
– Connie Ketsenburg, HR Director (Retired)

Old's Products & Fitzpatrick Brothers

Kenosha, WI
"They listened to what I was actually saying and worked hard to make it a reality."
– Bill O'Connor, Vice President and General Manager (Retired)

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