Find. Hire. Retain.

Our services can be customized to your specific needs, from short-term projects to difficult-to-find specialized professionals. We develop a thorough documented job analysis and sourcing strategy to recruit, select, screen, interview, test, conduct due diligence, and other customized services upon request.

Services We Offer

Temporary Staffing Services

For short-term or long-term requirements, temporary staffing services provide a smart solution. You get immediate access to specialized talent or fill-ins for absences. It enables you to adapt to variable workloads and achieve your goals without increasing overtime or permanent staff. You can always add them to your permanent crew if they prove to be a good, permanent fit to your organization! 


Temporary-to-Hire Services

Our temporary-to-hire service is the most popular service used by our clients. This allows the client to view the candidate’s performance on the job and cultural fit within the organization. It’s a smart strategy for avoiding hiring risks.


Direct Hire Recruitment Services

When hiring for your upper-level management, the right fit is even more critical. Our thorough and targeted sourcing and recruiting strategies result in a narrowed field of the best candidates for you. 


Executive Search Services

Inter-Connect can reach out to a broad range of influential professionals for your key executive roles. We can even start conversations with currently employed executives to find those who most closely meet your specific requirements.

People We Recruit