December 16, 2014

Bringing on new workers for an industrial job is no easy feat, especially if one considers the enormous amount of responsibility that comes with an industrial position. Safety is perhaps the number one priority, and hiring workers that have demonstrated knowledge of appropriate safety strategies on the job is essential. Being a good listener and excellent communicator are also extremely important, as is having a good attitude when entering a new project.

5 Top Things to Remember

This list of the five keys hiring managers should keep in mind when hiring an industrial worker is by no means exhaustive. Still, it is nevertheless important to seek out these top five traits in workers before bringing them on a job site:

Excellent Listening Skills.

Being a good listener is far more than taking in someone else’s words. A good listener hears the other person’s point of view and delivers exactly what they are being told to do. When it comes to a job site, an industrial worker must be able to listen to experts and mirror back, in actions, what is being told in order to get the job done in a professional, efficient manner.

Ability to Demonstrate Past Successful Projects.

An industrial worker that can present a portfolio of the projects he or she has worked on in the past can be extremely helpful for ensuring successful projects in the future. Employers should definitely validate these past projects before hiring. Industrial workers who have portfolios more than likely have the appropriate experience necessary for completing a job, which will reflect well on the company.

Has Three Reliable References.

In order to bring on an experienced industrial worker, hiring mangers should look out for (or ask for) at least three references. These references must be validated. A reference is important for demonstrating past success and can help supplement an existing resume or portfolio.

Communicates Effectively.

A good communicator is important for maintaining safety at all times on a job site. When interviewing potential candidates for an industrial position, they should be able to speak clearly and loudly. Being able to express through words is crucial when dealing with any loud machinery.

Trained in Valuable Safety Protocols.

An industrial worker that is already trained in the appropriate safety protocols can be valuable in moving a project along in a more efficient manner. While other training may be necessary, those that already have the knowledge of proper safety methods can be easily assimilated into the company.

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