September 28, 2017

Looking for a new job can be a tiring process. Sometimes it may seem like forever to find an opportunity you think you might like, or one for which you’re qualified. So when a hot job prospect comes knocking, you’ll want to be ready to answer! This means reviewing your job search process and identifying any mistakes you may be making—so you can avoid them and land your dream job.

Five common job search mistakes and how to avoid them

If you’ve ever interviewed, but not gotten the job—or worse yet, never even been called for an interview after submitting an application—you know how disappointing it can be. However, you can take steps to turn your job search disappointment into success and achievement by making a few changes to your process. Consider five mistakes you may be making:

1. Your resume and cover letter could be better.

You want your job search documents to be well-crafted and to exude professionalism. You also want them to represent you and your personal brand. Take all steps to be sure this is so. Don’t fill your resume with fluff and generic words—use strategically placed keywords and maximize your content by keeping it brief and to the point. Always proofread. And avoid a generic-sounding cover letter. To do this, simply introduce yourself and why you’re passionate about your career path. Then, tell a short story that illustrates your point. Make sure your documents are accurate and they scream YOU.

2. You lack confidence.

If you’re an introvert, the prospect of a job interview can be terrifying. You’re outside your comfort zone trying to sell yourself to a stranger—it’s understandable if you are nervous. But remember you have plenty to be confident about. You’re qualified, experienced and good at what you do. Accept that you’ll be uncomfortable for an hour or so, but remind yourself it will be worth it. Then, breathe, practice your handshake and prepare your answers to common interview questions. The more prepared you are, the easier it is to be confident.

3. You only look for posted job openings.

Many job opportunities never hit the job boards. This is because companies often work with staffing agencies rather than post on their own. You can jump over this hurdle by working with a recruiter who specializes in your industry. You can also contact companies in which you’re interested and ask if they’re currently hiring.

4. Your expectations are unrealistic.

It’s good to shoot for the stars. But when you review a job post, take a close look at the list of qualifications. Those that are most important will appear at the top of the list. If you’re lacking some major qualifications, it stands to reason you probably won’t get a callback. If you notice a pattern, take steps to become more qualified.

5. You never follow up.

After you’ve submitted your resume, do you contact human resources if you haven’t heard back? How about after an interview? Your determination is an admirable trait, and following up can help keep you top of mind.

The right job is out there

No matter what, never give up! Stick to your search, and review your techniques from time to time, to be sure you’re on the right track.

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