July 13, 2022

Starting a new job is exciting, but settling in during your first week can be challenging. It’s a new environment, new people, a new routine, and a whole new team. Your success in these early days is about balance: You want to make the right first impressions, but you don’t want to be pushy. And, you shouldn’t put too much pressure on yourself to get everything exactly right the first time around.

It will take some time to become fully acclimated, but there are tips you can follow during Week One to help ensure a smooth transition:

Meet Your Team

It may be tempting to spend the first few days at your new job alone–or text trusted friends or family members whenever you get a break. In other words: “Let’s just get through these first few days, and then I can go home to all that’s warm and fuzzy and familiar …”

It’s hard to put yourself out there right away. But, even if it’s a little uncomfortable, make a concentrated effort to get to know our new boss, coworkers, and the rest of your team.

  • Introduce yourself relentlessly. Studies have shown that anxiety in new situations can come partly from not feeling confident about how to introduce yourself to others. It’s a natural feeling: When you’re new, you don’t want to call undue attention to yourself. But you want your enthusiasm to shine through your first days at a new job. So, find the right timing and give a quick, energetic introduction to people you don’t know yet.

Ring Out the Old and Ring In the New

Think of your new job as a fresh start, kind of like ringing in a New Year. After all, it is a whole new chapter in your life. The more you’re willing to let go of old routines and adopt new ones, the easier it will be to get adjusted and up to speed quickly.

  • Put yourself out there. Starting a new job will always make you feel uneasy, but being proactive as you get to know your colleagues will help you to settle in faster than you thought possible.
  • As a bonus during your first week, add value. Although your first priority should be to soak up information, consider challenging yourself to add value to your new company as you move through your first week on the job. Think back to your interviews. Was there a specific need or challenge that came up? How can you help address it? Have a conversation with your boss or write up a short proposal on how you would take it on.


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