August 31, 2022

Starting a new job can be stressful and confusing. This can especially be true for newly hired temporary employees.

While temps are a part of the team, they’re typically hired to work on a project or fill in for someone on leave. For them, it’s hard to feel part of the group when they know they’ll be gone in a few months.

New temp workers who aren’t provided a thoughtful introduction can feel like it’s “sink or swim.” Instead of focusing on their assignment, they may spend hours scrolling through the corporate website to learn more about the company that just hired them.

That’s why a good onboarding policy is essential. It helps the temp worker integrate into the day-to-day requirements of their job, establish relationships, and find their value to the organization faster and with less stress.

Here are some good suggestions on ways to incorporate a temporary worker into your team:

  • Make Sure Their Workspace is Set Up Properly

Ensuring that your new hire’s technology is set up and working properly should be a top priority. This includes setting up their work email, including them in team communications via messaging apps, and giving them access to your company’s VPN/VDI platforms. If you neglect to properly set-up their tech ahead of time, you’ll likely impede their ability to jump into work quickly, which could prevent them from assimilating as quickly as you want them to.

  • Assign a Mentor or Office Buddy


This is a win/win for the temp employee and employer. Assigning a current team member to help the new hire navigate their environs will alleviate stress on the new worker and allow them to become a contributor much faster. A buddy/mentor can ease the transition and be a resource for information and questions.


  • Organize Walk-Throughs and Introductions


While a temp employee may not be with the company for the long-haul, they’re still a part of the team. So even though most new hires will meet their team on Day 1, others in the organization can impact their success.


Be sure to walk them around the office to meet everyone they may come into contact with. And don’t forget the Accounting Department and IT! By introducing them to the larger group you’re creating connections that can help the temp hires during their first stages of employment – and stay with them as they continue.

·     Check-in Regularly

Even though they’re a temporary hire, you still want to show that you’re invested in their wellbeing and success. One way is by scheduling regular check-ins throughout their employment.

Frequency will depend on the job, but on average, weekly for the first month, then monthly for the rest of their contract. Use this time to talk to them about how their work is going, and what you can do to help. Doing this will help a temporary employee feel valued as part of the team, and let you see how they’re settling into the role.


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