October 5, 2022

When looking for a job in a new state, it’s normal to have quite a few questions about the process of navigating this change as easily as possible. How do you get started with a job search in a new state? What can you do to make sure your job search starts off on the right foot? We’ve broken down the process for you into four distinct steps, each of which will help increase your chances of finding your ideal job in the new place that you’re calling home.

Research, Research, Research

Researching your new city will help you plan for the move and potentially find employment before arriving. To get an accurate understanding of the situation, do your research! Investigate the prospective employers and their duties, plan for housing, learn about the cost of living, and read online forums from those who’ve already made the move.

Map Out Your Move

Be sure you have a plan and plenty of time before starting your job search. Moving across state lines is stressful, so be prepared. Check out cost-of-living information for both states—you may find that, though you’ll take home less money, your overall expenses will be lower if you move to a state with lower costs of living. You can use our mortgage calculator to get estimates on how much house you can afford.

Stay Connected with Networking Groups

Having trouble making headway on your job search? Try joining a business networking group. They give you an opportunity to meet people who share your interests and can help you stay connected. If you’re new to town, look for groups focused on welcoming new people into their midst.

Don’t Forget about Resume References

If you’re looking for work in another state, chances are that you’ll need someone who can vouch for your character. You don’t necessarily have to be employed by or know someone within your target company—but it certainly won’t hurt. If possible, go ahead and give your resume references a call just as if you were still working down the hall from them.

Edit and Update your Resume

It’s crucial that you edit and update your resume prior to sending it out. While it may seem silly to worry over such a trivial matter, proper formatting can go a long way toward helping land you an interview. Typos, grammar errors and misspellings will almost certainly ruin your chances of being called for an interview, so be sure that your resume is error-free before submitting it.

Use Digital Applications

Although snail-mail applications are perfectly acceptable and should not be discounted, using digital applications is more efficient, especially if you’re job searching across multiple cities. Many companies allow you to fill out an application online before sending it in. This way, you can submit several applications without clogging up your mailbox with unnecessary paper.

Get an In with Recruiters

Recruiters have all kinds of access to jobs and can often point you toward openings that aren’t yet listed on job boards. When you meet with recruiters, ask about open positions (sometimes they’re asked not to share details until an offer has been made) and talk up your skillset and experience. The best position for you is out there, but may not be advertised. This is because many employers choose not to post open jobs on sites such as Monster and Indeed. Instead, they work directly with staffing agencies to fill open positions. This means some available jobs never hit the internet, and are virtually unsearchable.

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