October 4, 2019

If you’re currently working a temp job in the hopes it may turn into a full-time job offer—good news! This often happens when employers are hoping to discover just the right worker before they make a long-term hiring commitment. Your temp job can serve as a screen test of sorts, which proves to an employer you have what it takes.  

Leadership skills are important for any worker. They show that you’re professional and that hiring you could be an investment in the future of the company—you could someday grow into a supervisor or even manager.  

Four key leadership skills

So what can you do during your temp job to help showcase your leadership skills? Try any of the following: 

Show initiative. Leaders are passionate about what they doand passionate, motivated people work hard. First, master all the tasks on your list and perform them to the very best of your ability. Then, ask for additional assignments. Learn and contribute as much as you can during your temp placement.  

Offer your ideas. Employers often look to the thoughts of the people who experience job roles firsthand. And those with leadership skills are always looking for ways to make processes better and more efficient. As a worker new to the company, your perspective is fresh and your ideas can help! If you have a suggestion for a change or enhancement, talk to your boss about it, or speak up during a team meeting.  

Communicate with your coworkers. Good communication is essential for any leader. Practice good communication by asking questions, listening well and communicating both in person and through email. Good grammar and writing also helps build your communication skills—so if yours could use some work, consider taking a course or reading up on how to write well.  

Be a supportive team member. Working well as part of a team helps leaders build trust with those around them. By offering to help and also asking others for help in their areas of expertise, you can help to form bonds that support a strong team.  

Work with your recruiter

If you’re working a temp job that you enjoy and would be interested in keeping full-time, talk to your recruiter. Ask if the employer might be open to this possibility. Your recruiter wants you to succeed and can also offer suggestions for how to wow your employer and do your very best.  

In search of your next opportunity?

When your temp job comes to an end, what’s next in your career? Inter-Connect can help! We work with qualified candidates for light industrial and office/administrative work. To learn more, contact us today!  

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