January 18, 2023

A lot of today’s jobseekers – especially younger ones – are being pickier than their predecessors.  Many are now asking questions about the work they’ll perform – and where they’ll perform it. Still others may decide to jump ship if they feel it’s not what they signed up for – leaving the hiring company in the lurch.


So what’s a business owner, HR Director or hiring manager to do?


A great way to take back some control over the hiring process is to consider a “try before you buy” scenario, also known as temp-to-hire. This onboarding method can be a relatively risk-free way to ensure you’re making the right hire. Temp-to-hire positions can provide the employer and employee with exposure and experience – whether it’s for a short-term position or a potential permanent hire.

Here are some important points when considering a temp-to-hire hiring scenario:


How Does it Work?

Temp-to-hire is an arrangement where a company hires a temporary worker – often through a staffing agency – with the option of offering a permanent position once the temp contract ends. Contracts can vary but are usually in the 3 – 6 month range. This allows the hiring manager to get a good read on a workers’ skills, habits, attitude and work ethic. Since it’s temp-to-hire, workers aren’t on the company payroll until they’re hired for a permanent position.


What are the Benefits to the Employer?

 Flexibility. If a company wants to test out a new role but aren’t sure they have the hours or workload to fill it, bringing in temporary help is often a perfect solution. There isn’t a lot of paperwork to do, paid benefits are not part of the equation, and once the contract is up, the employee can either be brought on board, extended though another contract, or let go.


A Great Opportunity to Assess Performance

Finding the perfect fit can often be challenging. Temp-to-hire provides the hiring company with a thorough look at how a new-hire performs ad how they fit in, before making the commitment of keeping them long-term.


Efficient Use of Time and Money

For companies needing to fill a position quickly, but not ready to hire a permanent worker, temp-to-hire offers a solution that won’t break the corporate bank. Rather than spending time and resources recruiting fulltime candidates that may be ineffective, temp-to-hire employees can be contracted relatively quickly and often inexpensively.


You Can Be Selective

The more selective you are the greater the odds you’ll hire someone who’s a great fit. Once the new-hire is on board, take full advantage of the temporary work period. That means putting the employee in different situations and opportunities – giving you a better idea of their skills and corporate fit.


Lastly, using an experienced staffing agency to find the best candidates will have a direct impact on the quality of candidates you get. Agencies have the networks, resources and skills to uncover the right candidates that fit your hiring needs.


Inter-Connect is a free permanent, temporary and temp-to-hire placement service agency that partners with companies throughout the Illinois, Missouri and Iowa Tri-State region. As staffing experts, we partner with our job candidates to connect them with the right opportunities to meet their career goals. To learn more, contact us today.

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