March 20, 2020

Nervous about your upcoming presentation? Don’t feel bad—it’s more common than you may think! Many people fear speaking in front of othersYou may be afraid you’ll come across as unprepared or insincere, forget what you’d like to say or make a mistake. But remember this—your willingness to undertake this task in the first place is impressive! Not everyone says yes when faced with the opportunity to give a presentation. So, you’re already taking a positive step forward!  

Three ways to prepare 

To calm your nerves and do your best, it helps to hone your mental focus. And you can do this in the following ways: 

Visualize the perfect presentation. 

Imagine you’re a master at presenting to others. What actions would you take, how would you address the audience, what tone of voice would you use and what would you say? Play your presentation as a movie reel in your head. Visualize everything about it—your opening statement, the positive reaction of the audience, and all aspects that make it a perfect presentation. Walking through all your preferred actions and words will make them more second nature when you give your actual presentation.   

Ask yourself as many questions as possible. 

Play devil’s advocate with yourself as you practice your presentation. What might people ask or want to know more about? The fear of being caught off guard can make presenter nervous. But if you plan your answers to key questions, you’ll be able to breathe a little bit easier.  


Regular meditation is one way to calm your mind, refocus your energy and build your confidence. Take just 10-20 minutes daily during the days leading up to your presentation. You can find apps and websites for guided meditations on particular topics, including building up your courage. Try this age-old practice to mentally prepare for your best presentation yet!  

Get ahead by sharpening your skills 

The ability to present to groups of people is a valued skill in leaders. By taking time to improve your presentation skills, you’re developing valuable tools you can use in the future—helping you advance in your career.  

What’s next? 

As you tack on more skills, you may decide it’s time for new job opportunities. And if you’re having a hard time finding them, just contact Inter-Connect. We work with qualified professionals to find fulfilling work. To learn more, just reach out today!  

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