Case Studies

Discover how Inter-Connect was able to help these great companies and hiring managers improve upon their success:

International Agra Products Manufacturing Firm

After a year, the company was unable to staff its team using a local staffing firm. We were called to consult on solving the problem. We formed a project team using our multiphase approach to analyze the staffing problem. We developed a thorough documented job analysis and sourcing strategy to recruit for several functional positions in light manufacturing, laboratory, warehouse, shipping, office and administration to support its international operations.

Processes included:

  • Development of project planning and strategy for each phase of the staffing process upgrade.
  • Development of all online behavioral-based interviews, testing and verification strategies.
  • Project management, including review of deliverables, task accounts and schedules, and management reporting on progress.
  • Implementation of a project-management system for scheduling of all tasks.


We completed team building satisfactory to the company within approximately two months and continue today to exclusively staff talent needs as they come up.

Light Industrial Startup Manufacturing Company

This company made a strategic decision to relocate all operations to Quincy, Illinois. The company issued an RFQ for full staffing services to recruit and hire a high-performance team of approximately 70 people in light manufacturing, warehouse, office, administration, management and supervisor functions. Our team was awarded the bid based on our comprehensive quality and value-added approach. In implementing the customized staffing plan, we used a proprietary three-phase approach to analyze and develop the staffing center process for these direct hire positions.

Processes included:

  • Interviewing users and managers, and evaluating requirements in order to document job analysis.
  • Development of strategic and legally compliant plans to aid the company in analyzing the alternatives during the bidding process.
  • Development of detailed task descriptions and planning charts for the staffing plan.
  • Assisting the client in the development, implementation and initial execution of evaluation and staffing project management systems.


Over the course of this hiring project, we reviewed and assessed nearly 2,000 applications, conducted customized structured behavioral event interviews and prepared dossiers on the most suitable candidates. We filled all of the positions to the company’s complete satisfaction and achieved 100% retention for over six months. We continue to fill requisitions as needed.

International Manufacturing Firm

The company requested that we respond to an RFQ and develop a comprehensive staffing plan to solve several issues relating to poor retention and safety they were experiencing with another local staffing provider. We responded immediately and conducted a comprehensive job analysis, interviewed company job experts and identified the core causes of the issues to address.

Processes included:

  • Interviews with users and job experts to prepare the job analyses.
  • Development of project-planning strategy for each phase of a new staffing proposal.
  • Development of all online, testing and verification strategies.
  • Project management including review of job analysis, deliverables, insurance and management reporting on progress.
  • Implementation of a long-term project-management system for staffing a wide range of functional/positions.


We then created a stand-alone company dedicated exclusively to the unique situation of this client. Our customized work products included a redesign of sourcing, recruiting, onboarding, safety orientation and a plan for integrated collaboration between our team and the client’s hiring managers. All hiring metrics were dramatically improved immediately. We continue to act as the exclusive provider for several positions in the area of manufacturing and office administration.

Recruited President of a Not-for-Profit Organization

Julie Bonansinga is an executive member of the board of directors for this not-for-profit. The board requested that she and a team of executives provide advice for nationwide recruitment for a new president.

Processes included:

  • Interviews with stakeholders, employees and advisors to prepare the job analysis.
  • Development of a recruitment project planning strategy.
  • Development of all online applications.
  • Customized interview modules integrated with job analysis.
  • Multistage interviews.
  • Due diligence and verification strategies.


Multiple top candidates were recruited and the not-for-profit organization successfully hired and retained a president.

Video Testimonials

Maggie Strong, Member, CEO Hiring Committee

Great River Economic Development Foundation – Quincy, Illinois

“Had we not had Inter-Connect as part of our hiring team, we would not be where we are today. We’ve made huge strides as an organization and as a community because of this hire.”

Glenn Bemis, General Manager

Sisbro, Inc. – Quincy, Illinois

“I do not look at them as a placement agency. That isn’t the right term to use because they bring so much more to the table.”

Leanne Williams, Corporate Secretary

Williams Shooters Supply, Inc – Quincy, Illinois

“If we weren’t using Inter-Connect, my job would be so much more difficult. In the grand scheme of things, we are saving days.”

Mark Homan, General Manager

Sharkey Transportation – Quincy, Illinois

“They know exactly what our company needs and the type of employee needed for that type of work.”

Connie Ketsenburg, HR Director (Retired)

Manufacturing Company – Hannibal, MO

“Had we not engaged Inter-Connect, our hiring costs would have increased by a third or even double as much, and I am convinced our workers’ comp cost would have increased as well.”

Bill O’Connor, Vice President & General Manager (Retired)

Old’s Products & Fitzpatrick Brothers – Kenosha, WI

“They listened to what I was actually saying and worked hard to make it a reality.”

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