Employer FAQ

How much is it going to cost my company?

Inter-Connect is committed to providing quality employees at a competitive price. These costs will vary according to multiple factors, which will be discussed at the initial consult when there is an opportunity to review the services you require.

What is the process for finding employees through Inter-Connect Employment Services?

We begin by clearly understanding the position’s expectations and your desired outcomes. Based on this information, we perform custom searches on our candidate database and deploy a recruiting plan to quickly locate and attract qualified candidates. When a candidate is found, their background and qualifications are assessed in the context of your position. We will then refer the candidates that are believed to be a good match and have a high chance for job success.

How long will it take to have an employee in our company?

The time frame for finding the right employee will depend on your specific needs. However, Inter-Connect strives to provide you an efficient system for quickly hiring the best candidates. We understand that the longer positions remain open, the greater cost this will incur on your company and its overall productivity.

What kind of background checks do you provide on applicants?

All applicants undergo rigorous background checks, which are completed to the level required for each individual position. We consider this a foundational aspect of our staffing services and pride ourselves on providing expert-driven pre-employment background searches that are developed around legally compliant methods.

What if I am not satisfied with an employee placed by Inter-Connect Employment Services?

This is a circumstance that we are committed to avoiding. However, if at any time you are unhappy with a placement, we will take the appropriate action to ensure satisfaction.

What types of positions and companies do you work with?

Inter-Connect Employment Services is a full-service staffing company, and we handle positions in all areas of industrial, office/clerical, professional/managerial and technical.

Why should I use your service instead of filling the position on my own?

We have specialized in staffing since 1995, and prior to that, either corporate HR or employment law. Our team has the expertise, experience and resources to staff your company. Please call for more details on how we can effectively meet your needs.