It’s National Safety Month – What Can We Learn from the Top Safety Violations of 2016?


  From on-the-job injuries and fines to workplace fatalities, workplace safety violations affected businesses and employees in 2016. While accidents and other workplace injuries can cost your business thousands of dollars annually in fines or workers’ compensation claims, the real cost is to your employees who can experience life-changing injuries – or worse, loss of…

Ready for a New Career? Avoid These Excuses!


Job hunting can be intimidating. Getting nervous about trying something new happens to all of us now and then. But don’t let these excuses stop you from pursuing your goals and landing the job of your dreams. Unlucky You might think having a great career takes a certain amount of luck – being in the…

Does a Company Really Keep Your Resume on File?



You found a great job and sent in a carefully customized application. Now the waiting game begins. The good news is you hear back from the hiring manager. The bad news is they aren’t emailing to book an interview. Instead, they’re letting you know you weren’t a fit for this position but “they’ll keep your…