Job Seeker FAQ

How soon can I start working?

Job availability changes on a daily basis. Once our application process is complete, our goal is to place you in a position that meets your preferences and skills as quickly as possible.

How often should I contact your office after an interview?

Your application will remain active for 60 days. If you would like to remain available for our job opportunities, please renew your active status by either calling our office or completing a contact us form.

What if I am not interested in a certain position when it is offered? Is it all right to turn it down?

We hope that each job offered will meet or exceed your expectations. However, if you are not interested in a position, you are free to decline without any negative consequences. We will always continue to offer opportunities when your skills and preferences align with open positions.

What if I am on an assignment and decide it is not for me?

Our services are designed to prevent this from occurring. We understand, however, that a job may not always be a good fit and this is not realized until you have worked in the position. If this happens, we ask that you contact us immediately so we can quickly find a solution.

Is there a fee for your services?

Our placement services are free to all job seekers.

How can I stay informed about open positions?

Many of our job openings can be found on our website. You can receive updates on new positions by email or RSS feed.

1) Email:

  • Create a job board account and select “Send me job updates” on the sign-up page. If you have an account already but did not opt to receive updates, go to account settings to change your preference.
  • Search our job board by the employment types, locations, and/or industries that interests you. Future notifications will be based on your selections.
  • Click “Save this search.”

Email notifications will now be sent to the email address associated with your account for any openings that meet your search criteria.

2) RSS feeds:

  • Search by employment type, location, and/or industry on the left side of the job board.
  • Click on the RSS icon.
  • Choose what you will use to subscribe to the feed.
  • Click “Subscribe”.

Notifications will now be sent to the application that you used to subscribe to the feed for any openings that meet your search criteria.

How can I apply?

You can apply with us through our website or by visiting our local Quincy, Illinois office. To apply online, click “Apply Now” anywhere on our site or select a specific position on our job board and click “Apply Online.”