August 28, 2020

They’re pretty easy to spot. Burned-out employees have lost their sparkle. They seem to be dragging themselves through the day—no speaking up at meetings, no idea sharing, and possibly missed deadlines and increased requests for time off. Burned-out employees have lost the edge that once set them apart from others.  

Six ways to help a burned-out employee 

If you notice your employee seems to have lost the magic, how can you help them get it back? Try these six tips: 

1. Talk to the employee

 Set aside some time to talk to him or her and mention what you’ve noticed. Ask what might be wrong to get a good feeling for what has caused the employee to feel burned out.  

2. Shuffle responsibility.

Does the employee currently do tasks they’ve outgrown? Maybe they’re in need of a new challenge or responsibilities. See if you can shift some of their tasks to other employees and let them tackle something new and different.  

3. Allow flexible scheduling.

Does the employee have responsibilities outside of work as a caregiver for young children, sick family members, or something else that draws a substantial amount of their energy? If possible, allow for flexible scheduling such as shifting hours or working from home. 

4. Maintain adequate staffing levels.

If you’re recently grown or lost employees, additional workloads can fall on your remaining staff—and that can be draining after too long. If your employee has shouldered more than their share of the burden, make plans to hire more workers to take on part of the workload.  

5. Offer rewards and incentives.

Sometimes it can seem to employees that hard work doesn’t pay off, and this can lead to burnout. But you can help employees stay motivated through performance incentives, rewards and recognition. It feels good to hear words of thanks from the boss, and it’s nice to get credit where credit is due.  

6. Be supportive 

Check-in with the employee regularly to see how things are going. Offer your support and guidance where you can.  

Need more staff? 

Sometimes, an employee may just decide it’s time to move on. And if you need to fill any staffing holes, Inter-Connect can help! To learn more, contact us today. 

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