January 29, 2021

Consumers are shifting more towards online ordering, and that means warehouses are in increased demand. The ability to store inventory, and fulfill orders quickly and accurately is the central focus of any warehouse. Since many warehouses still use manual processes for much of the fulfillment process, a greater focus on technology will be emerging in the upcoming years.  

Mobile Devices 

Smartphones and tablets have their place in many of our jobs, and warehouses are no exception. By using mobile technology, warehouse workers can add tools and resources that add to efficiency and accuracy. Apps to scan barcodes, view the exact storage location of an item, and generate shipping and receiving data can all be useful in warehouse management. And with smart devices, it will be available at the fingertips of workers.  

Drones and Robotics 

Increased demand for warehouse work shouldn’t mean employees are faced with longer hours. A workplace also has a maximum human capacity that workflows can accommodate. But by automating certain processes using robots who can work tirelessly 24/7, warehouses can avoid human error and increase output. Similarly, drones can be useful for tracking and monitoring inventory—helping warehouses stay on track.  

Artificial Intelligence 

Increased demand creates an increased need for efficiency to fill and ship all orders. AI tools can help improve the accuracy of order fulfillment and inventory management, while also accounting for safety, productivity, and maintenance of facilities (avoiding damage).  


Being able to predict consumer patterns allows a warehouse to stay ahead of the curve in terms of inventory volume, and supply and demand. With advanced predictive analytics, warehouses can more accurately forecast demand, manage inventory, and rapidly respond to any supply chain concerns. The end result is a happy customer and a healthy bottom line.  

Keep your Warehouse on Trend 

When your staff with qualified employees who are familiar with new and emerging technology, your warehouse can remain competitive and profitable. And working with a staffing agency can help—especially one that specializes in warehouse staffing.  

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