March 23, 2023

In today’s competitive hiring market, candidates have many options – and your company is just one of them. For employers, being able to communicate your company’s brand message is vital in attracting the best talent. It’s a candidate’s market – and many of today’s job seekers are reassessing their career choices and examining what potential employers have to offer.


In most cases they want to know if a potential employer offers a positive culture, has a mission that’s compatible to theirs, and offers promising growth prospects. You don’t want to lose out on great candidates just because of a poorly-defined brand that doesn’t convey why your company would be a great choice.


Ensuring job seekers understand your desired brand position is only possible through the effective communication of your brand value. Here are 4 tips on how to make that happen.


Who Are You?


A company’s brand must represent its core values, brand voice and messaging. Identifying your brand is important because it allows you to define your personality, characteristics, values and purpose. This can enable job candidates to choose your company over others because they understand what you’re all about, admire your purpose, and believe in what you believe in.


Developing a strong corporate brand typically involves having an internal team or marketing firm closely evaluate the company’s mission, values, vision, goals, culture and competition. From there, you can develop strategies to effectively communicate the brand’s message to build meaningful connections with your audience.


Be Clear


Obviously, your company’s brand is something that needs to be clearly communicated. Once you decide on a corporate brand image (see above), it’s important to remain consistent by regularly including your logo, corporate colors, messaging, image, style and voice in all marketing materials – including website, social media and print materials. The brand voice should also be the same in all media. This will help make the company more recognizable to job candidates.


What’s in it for Them?


An important factor in not only brand-building but attracting job seekers is the Value Proposition. This is the unique offering an organization can provide to employees – and what prospective workers can expect if hired. It includes areas such as remote working options, flexible working hours, career progression, bonuses, retirement plans, and more.

With a demanding talent pool and a lot of competition, communicating the value prop becomes a key factor in attracting the best talent to your firm.

Review the Candidate Experience


When someone comes to interview, what kind of candidate experience are you offering?  Keep in mind that jobseekers are interviewing you every bit as much as you’re interviewing them. Things like tardiness or disinterested and unprepared interviewers could all be hurting their experience – and the hiring company!


If you find that job applicants are repeatedly rejecting your offers, you’ve got to take a closer look at how you’re hiring. How are you sourcing candidates?  Are you relying too heavily on LinkedIn, or job boards? Getting feedback from candidates who rejected an offer can also provide helpful insights.


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