September 1, 2022

“No one of us is as smart as all of us.”

In a nutshell, this adage summarizes why you should review job candidates with your current team members. In fact, you should take it a step further and actively involve them in the hiring process. Everyone wins as a result: you, as HR leader; your company; your employees, and last but not least, the candidate.

Taking this approach is advantageous because it:

Keeps Communication Transparent

Transparent communication, in which employees are kept up to date on what’s going on at their company and have an impact on decisions that affect their work, is very powerful. Could anything be more relevant to a worker than the process that hires their colleagues?

Ensures Cultural Fit

Cultural fit is a deal breaker when it comes to avoiding costly hiring mistakes. You can – and should – trust the instincts of your top employees when it comes to the potential cultural fit of a prospective hire.

Makes the Entire Team Feel Valued

By letting your employees have a voice in the hiring process, you show them that you value them, that you respect their input, and that you want the selection process to be a truly collaborative one.

Provides Leadership Training

Some of your current individual contributors are your future managers. Participating in the hiring process gives them valuable experience in candidate evaluation and insight into how decisions are made.

Creates Ownership

If an employee is part of the candidate selection process, they are committed to making that person succeed. They take this responsibility seriously because they are staking a bit of their reputation on it.

Gives You a Broader Perspective on Candidates

Having more people involved in the hiring process gives you a broader perspective and more insight into candidates. Your employees may see things you don’t, or they may confirm or contradict the qualities that you observe.

Gives Candidates More Insight

The hiring process is a two-way street. You’re choosing someone to join your team – and a candidate is making a choice of which company to work for. Having exposure to more teammates allows an individual to get a broader feel for the people they would be working with and the culture of your organization. Candidates need to make an informed decision, and interaction with future colleagues is invaluable in terms of making that happen.


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