October 11, 2019

It takes time to find qualified, talented employees. The competition among other employers can be stiff, depending on your field, because everyone wants to hire tomorrow’s superstars. When you find these candidates and bring them on board, you, of course, want them to stay. But what happens when you notice your top workers leaving for your competitors? Why is this happening, andmore importantly—what can you do to fix it? 

Five Reasons Talented Workers Leave.

They have a lot to offer, and if they don’t feel reasonably compensated, they may decide to seek employment elsewhere. These are among the top five reasons top talent may be leaving your company: 

Not enough opportunity. If they feel they may stagnate and there’s not enough room to advance, your best workers may leave for a job in which they can grow.  

Pay that’s too low. If they work hard and produce great things, they’re going to expect to be compensated accordingly. Your pay grade needs to be on par or even above that of your competitors, or talent may go in search of greener pastures.   

Unclear expectations. The best workers need to understand your expectations so they can do a good job. Without adequate feedback and clear direction, top employees can become frustrated.  

Not enough flexibility. We all know that life outside work can be stressful. Between families, appointments and other commitments, employees often need some flexibility to manage this juggling act. If yours is an inflexible workplace, it could become an issue.  

Negativity. The best work environments are supportive—inclusive of different viewpoints, work styles and personalities. A positive culture will help you keep workers around, where a negative culture will do just the opposite.  

What Can You Do?

The best course of action you can take is to find out firsthand why workers are leaving. Conduct exit interviews to gather answers. You can also poll the audience by conducting an anonymous survey of current employees to understand their impression of your work environment. This can help you uncover areas that may need to change.  

Take Swift Action.

Once you determine what is upsetting your employees, make plans to fix it right away! You can even ask your workers for their suggestions on how to make improvements.  

Looking to Replenish Your Staff?

Once you’ve righted anything that was going wrong, you’ll need to make up for any staffing losses you’ve suffered. And Inter-Connect can help. To learn more about our available staffing services, contact us today!  

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