You've Got Options

What type of job are you searching for? At Inter-Connect, you have multiple placement choices.

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Placement Types

Temporary Jobs

Temporary jobs are short-term assignments and a great way to gain new skills, network with potential long-term employers, and bridge gaps in employment. In some instances, these positions can become permanent placements.

Temporary-to-Hire Jobs

As a temporary-to-hire employee, you will fulfill your probationary period with Inter-Connect prior to transferring to the client company. During this probationary period, you will receive all compensation and benefits through us. This is a win-win arrangement for employers and employees because you each get to see if the job and the company are the right fit for you.

Direct Hire

Unlike temporary or temporary-to-hire, you are never an Inter-Connect employee since you are hired directly for a permanent position with one of our clients. Therefore, you receive all compensation and benefits through our client company.

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