Employee Testimonials

Hear firsthand how Inter-Connect has helped these job seekers.

Angela Terwelp

"If hadn’t come to Inter-Connect, I would probably still be putting out resumes and not getting a phone call."

Vincent Knight

"The best thing was I didn’t have to start at the bottom wage scale. Inter-Connect negotiated a good starting salary and benefit package."

Raymond Romero

"Working with Inter-Connect is better than applying directly to a company."

Bonnie Chatten

"They made the process very easy and listened to all of my wants, needs and reservations. I felt like they fit the job that I am currently at to what I wanted to be in. The process was just wonderful."

Jeff Wolf

"The changes have been phenomenal. It’s a wonderful feeling to wake up in the morning and say I want to go to work today and have some fun because that’s what I do."

Jill Breuer

"I didn’t have to go to 4-5 places and waste my time. They knew exactly where I should be."