Employee Testimonials

Hear firsthand how Inter-Connect has helped these job seekers.

Bonnie Chatten

"They made the process very easy and listened to all of my wants, needs and reservations. I felt like they fit the job that I am currently at to what I wanted to be in. The process was just wonderful."

Raymond Romero

"Working with Inter-Connect is better than applying directly to a company."

Jeff Wolf

"The changes have been phenomenal. It’s a wonderful feeling to wake up in the morning and say I want to go to work today and have some fun because that’s what I do."

Angela Terwelp

"If hadn’t come to Inter-Connect, I would probably still be putting out resumes and not getting a phone call."

Vincent Knight

"The best thing was I didn’t have to start at the bottom wage scale. Inter-Connect negotiated a good starting salary and benefit package."

Jill Breuer

"I didn’t have to go to 4-5 places and waste my time. They knew exactly where I should be."

Anthony Carlisle

"Inter-Connect was a great experience all staff was inviting and overly polite. Felt welcome as soon as I came threw the door, I would recommend Inter-Connect to anyone looking for employment."

Zach Smith

"This place was great to go through! They helped me find a really good job and something I was looking for. This place is a great route to go through to find your forever job!"

Terry Dill

"Great place to find work. The staff is friendly and helpful. Would recommend anyone looking for work to check them out."