August 18, 2015

The growth of the web has brought many new channels for expression, networking and learning. This has created vast opportunities for personal branding and career development. One of these potentially powerful tools is a personal blog. Although it is likely not the first thing we think about for advancing our careers, there are several major reasons why all professionals should consider regularly maintaining a personal blog:

Improved Writing And Analytical Skills

General writing and analytical skills are essential for any professional and they should be progressively developed throughout your career. Blogging provides a medium to exercise these skills on a regular basis. Though a less formal and more conversational style of writing, many find it more enjoyable and equally stimulating given the level of analysis and conciseness required for quality articles.

Network Growth 

Your network is a resource in of itself. In fact, the people you know may be as important as how good you are at what you do. A blog has a tremendous capacity for networking by opening a channel to valuable contacts within your industry. By sharing interesting and relevant articles, you attract similar professionals, potential employers, customers, and many others to not only read your blog but engage and connect with you. This network can be leveraged for job opportunities, industry influence, social media connections and more.

Personal Brand Development

One of the most profound ideas in professional advancement is thinking of yourself as a brand and building its recognition. Blogging is a superb method for establishing a personal brand and expanding its identifiability. It will allow you to present ideas to your targeted community, apply your expertise to solve relevant problems, showcase your skill set and cultivate a persona as an industry leader.

Maintenance Of An Edge

Blogging will help you stay informed and learning. The writing process requires you to research topics, keep up with trends, and review what already exists in the community. Over time, this evolves your knowledge base while also keeping you on the forefront of an industry.

There are a growing number of ways to promote your career. The use of a personal blog is one compelling method for professionals. However, if you do plan on blogging, ensure it is done well or you may end up building an image that is harmful to career.

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