May 3, 2017

At one time or another, we’ve all experienced the annoying co-worker. You know the one we’re talking about – someone who’s overly chatty, too arrogant or just plain lazy. Even though you’re laid back and easy going, they get under your skin. Ready to climb the walls of your cubicle just to get away from them? Don’t despair, we’ve got four great ways to deal with an annoying co-worker, for those times when you can’t escape.

Stay Positive

It may sound simple, but it’s really quite effective. Whenever possible, shrug it off and let the annoying traits or habits of your co-worker roll off your back. Dwelling on the negatives, or reliving the situation over and over can actually make it worse. Provided your co-worker isn’t preventing you from doing your job, or impeding the quality of your work, you’ll be better for staying focused on what you need to accomplish in your day. Keep your attitude positive for increased productivity and on-the-job success.


One of the simplest ways to deal with an annoying co-worker is to accept that “they are who they are.” While this may not be possible in every situation, it’s often the quickest resolution to a potentially challenging situation. If you can live with their taking the only chocolate donut at every team meeting – even though you love chocolate donuts – you’ll be better off in the long run.

Politely Ask Them to Minimize Their Annoying Behavior

If the colleague in the adjoining cubicle is a loud-talker on phone calls, consider popping over immediately following such a call. By pointing out you share a wall that allows sound to travel easily, you can ask them to lower their volume whenever possible. They may not even realize they’ve been annoying you, and will be happy to oblige.

Speak With a Supervisor

When you’ve tried to ignore it with little to no success, it’s time to talk with your team leader or supervisor – especially in situations where it’s affecting your productivity and output. Avoid laying blame when discussing the matter, instead, ask for suggestions on how best to handle the situation. Your supervisor will be able to offer suggestions, or may offer to address the situation directly – keeping you out of any conversations with the troublesome employee.

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