December 4, 2019

Are you currently in search of a job? The fact is, looking for a new job can be a job in itself. You’ll invest time getting your paperwork together and updating your LinkedIn page, then perusing job sites, applying to positions, preparing for interviews… it’s a lot to undertake! With all this time invested, you want to be sure to make the most of it—and that’s why it’s key to avoid any mistakes that will undermine your hard work.  

Three job search mistakes to avoid 

You can make the most of your job search efforts by avoiding the following pitfalls: 

  1. Messy social media. Believe it or not, hiring managers and employers do Google you as part of the applicant process. It’s expensive to replace an employee once hired, and they want to be sure to make the best hiring choice! You can keep yourself in good graces with your future boss by cleaning up your social media. Delete any questionable photos and remove any posts that are offensive or negative. Remember, you want to present yourself in the very best light possible—and give the world a glimpse of the very best version of you!  
  2. A sloppy resume. First and foremost, your resume should be tailored to each job to which you apply. Using a generic one-size-fits-all resume will usually backfire. Instead, include relevant keywords, spike out applicable experience and build your work history and skills around just what they’re looking for based on the job description. Then: review, review, review! Make sure your resume contains no grammar or spelling errors. Ask a friend or family member to take a second look for you. Your resume is a reflection of your professionalism, so make it count!  
  3. No clue about the company. Doing research on a company before your interview, but also before you even apply to work there, has a few advantages. First, it gives you an idea of what they’re all about—helping you decide if you want to work there in the first place. Second, it helps you prepare questions to ask during your interview. And third, it helps you appear prepared and passionate (because you are, after all!) and this is what a hiring manager is looking for in a star candidate.  

Check with your recruiter 

If you need tips and suggestions for the best way to find a new job, just ask your recruiter. He or she is an expert at matching candidates with the right jobs, doing well at interviews, and much more.  

Try Inter-Connect 

Don’t currently have a recruiter? No problem. Just reach out to Inter-Connect. We work with qualified candidates for light industrial or office/administrative positions and we’re waiting to meet you! To learn more, contact us today.  

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