June 9, 2021

If you’re looking to fill a permanent position within your company, you may be nervous about finding the right person. You need someone with the knowledge and skills to do the work. It’s also important they get along with your other employees. Therefore, a temp-to-hire employee is an excellent choice.

What does temp-to-hire mean?

A temp-to-hire worker is one you bring in just as a temp, to start. They do the work and if everything goes along smoothly—they’re good at the job and mesh well with your company culture—you have the opportunity to extend an offer of full-time employment.

Benefits of a temp-to-hire strategy

This type of hiring strategy offers three key benefits to your company:

  1. Evaluate a candidate’s fit for the role. Normally, you’d conduct an interview or two, review their resume, and based on this information, hire a candidate for the position. You’d have no idea if the person was actually a perfect match for the job and run the risk of the hiring decision not working out. But with a temp-to-hire employee, you have the chance to evaluate them based on their actual job performance. This way, your chances of choosing the right person for the job increase exponentially.
  2. Decide if a candidate fits with your culture. Your work culture dictates how your workplace operates. Is it mostly work from home? If employees come into the office, is it quiet and people mostly keep to themselves? Or do workers get chatty as they finish their tasks throughout the workday? Regardless of how your workplace runs, you want to find people who will thrive within the environment. With a temp-to-hire worker, you’ll be able to assess how well they do within your company culture before you make a hiring decision.
  3. Grow your business. Let’s say you want to add a new position but you’re not sure if it’s quite right. A temp-to-hire employee gives you the opportunity to test out a new role and determine if it’s what your workforce needs. Then, you can hire the candidate as a full-time, permanent worker if the role is a good fit.

Looking for temp-to-hire employees?

If all the above reasons have you convinced, you may be wondering how to find temp-to-hire candidates. Let Inter-Connect help! We’ll work with you to understand your staffing needs and place temp-to-hire candidates with the right qualifications. To learn more, contact us today!

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