July 15, 2021

Our world runs on industry, and supply chains are responsible for moving products and materials between manufacturers, vendor and consumers. This entire process uses a lot of energy and materials. To help reduce the carbon footprint and protect the planet, it’s important that supply chains are more sustainable and eco-friendlier.

Eco-friendly tips to make your supply chain more sustainable

Follow these five tips to reduce waste, improve efficiency and protect valuable resources:

  1. Recycle packing materials. When you think of all the materials used in shipping—cardboard boxes, packing wrap and peanuts, to name a few—it makes sense to reduce, reuse and recycle. Choose recycled materials that are lightweight and biodegradable. And work with a recycling program that allows you to reduce packing material waste.
  2. Go paperless. The production of paper creates harmful environmental emissions, as well as deforestation. All can be devastating for our planet. Instead, equip your business with a digital warehouse management system (WMS) that cuts down or completely eliminates the need for paper trails.
  3. Conserve electricity. Generating electrical current uses up power sources such as coal, water or wind. Though every industry needs electricity to operate, you can minimize the amount you consume through motion-sensing lights, high-efficiency bulbs, or LEDs.
  4. Cut down on storage needs. You can run a much more efficient supply chain when you reduce the need to store items along their journey. You can do this through “cross-docking” when items are literally pulled from one delivery truck and placed immediately onto the next, rather than into storage. This can also help you avoid warehouse and labor costs to store the items.

It’s up to all of us

We’re all in it together when it comes to protecting our planet. Every step you can take to become more eco-friendly is critical in our journey towards a more sustainable future. By incorporating these and more steps, you can help ensure your supply chain is efficient and effective at reducing your carbon footprint.

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