September 12, 2019

You worked hard to ace your interview, but you left uncertain how it went. A week later, you found out the job was offered to someone else. That can sting—especially when you were really excited about the position. You may be tempted to lounge on the couch in your self-pity, which is a natural reaction to rejection. But there are much more productive things you can do that will actually make you feel much better. Progress can be very motivating!

Five Ways to Handle Job Rejection

Just follow these tips to get back on your feet if passed by for a job opportunity:

Be Grateful Anyway

The interviewer still took time to speak with you, and the hiring manager was nice enough to reach out and let you know they went with someone else. Thank these people for their time with a simple notecard. Plus, by keeping it professional and positive, you’ll be top of mind if something else opens up for which you’re better suited.

Follow Up with Your Recruiter

It’s always good to learn from any possible mistakes. Check with your recruiter to see why you didn’t get the job and what you can do to improve your chances next time.

Don’t Have a Recruiter?

Get one! Working with a recruiter makes it faster and easier to find your next job. Staffing agencies have access to both advertised and unadvertised jobs, so you’ll increase your opportunities.

Take a Breather

It can help to take a short breather during the job search process to keep your spirits up. Don’t wallow, but do something you love that makes you feel good about yourself. Take a drive, get outside, paint, create, sightsee, read or just spend a little time relaxing with friends. Take a second to refresh your outlook.

Get Back to It

This could include refining your search by considering slightly different positions or even a different geographic region. What changes could you make to improve your options?

Make an Informed Career Decision

Inter-Connect provides job seekers a free placement service by working with employers throughout the Illinois, Missouri and Iowa Tri-State region to fill their open permanent and temporary positions. We’re experts in staffing who can make it easier for you to confidentially connect with the right opportunity and advance your career.

Many people who find jobs through Inter-Connect start in temp-to-hire positions. This option gives you a chance to really get to know an employer or opportunity to be sure it’s the right match. Why count on a job description or an interview when you can find out what a job is like for yourself?

Choose the Option that Works Best for You:

  • Temporary jobs provide flexibility, additional income and a chance to boost your skills.
  • Temp-to-hire jobs can help you get your foot in the door at a top employer.
  • Permanent jobs offer the chance to advance your career and work toward your professional goals.

Put Inter-Connect’s expertise to work and let us find the right job for you.


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