June 6, 2018

Currently looking for your next job? The best position for you is out there, but may not be advertised. This is because many employers choose not to post open jobs on sites such as Monster and Indeed. Instead, they work directly with staffing agencies to fill open positions. This means some available jobs never hit the internet, and are virtually unsearchable. However—you can find them by working with a recruiter.

Four ways a recruiter helps in your job search

You can tap into the hidden job market, and more:

Recruiters have access to unposted jobs.

Employers working with your recruiter’s staffing agency are trusting that they will provide the best matches for their open positions. Your recruiter will have inside access to jobs you’re well-suited for. This greatly increases your chances of being hired, since placement by a recruiter ensures an employer you’re a good match, plus you won’t be going up against all kinds of candidates from the internet.

Recruiters have professional contacts.

Your recruiter will not only have access to available, unadvertised positions from within his or her own staffing agency—your recruiter may also network with other recruiters from other agencies. This helps increase the web of candidates for recruiters—and the possibilities of available, unadvertised jobs for you!

You’ll only be recommended for jobs that match your skill set.

Since staffing agencies stake their reputation on the quality of matches, they want to be sure they place the most qualified individuals with interviews. This helps increase your chances of getting hired, and you know that if you’ve been recommended for an interview, you are in the top running for the job.

You’ll get tips and suggestions for how to do your best.

Since your recruiter wants you to succeed, they’ll help you perfect your resume, job application and interview skills. Your recruiter will give you tips for important points to bring up, as well as what not to say. This is valuable insider information that can help increase your chances of being hired.

How to find the best recruiter for you

It helps to work with a staffing agency that specializes in your industry. This way, you’ll work with recruiters familiar with your field and what skills are required to make good job matches.

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