December 3, 2021

Do your employees trust you? Trust is possibly the most important ingredient in loyalty and respect. To be a good leader, it’s important to inspire trust in your workers. And it can be pretty easy when you know what to do.

Five ways to help your employees trust you

As a good leader, it’s important your employees can relate to you as a human being. You’re not a robot, and being human will help you build respect. Try the following five tips:

  1. Be honest. Transparency in leadership helps your workers understand the overall goals of the company, where it’s heading and how their work fits into the big picture. However, honesty extends beyond big-picture thinking to the way you answer questions. Your first reaction may be to sugarcoat things and paint a happy picture, but you can build trust when you’re honest and straight forward. This can be easy when sharing good news, and much more challenging when delivering bad news. But your honesty will help build trust because your workers know you’ll always be up front with them.
  2. Be fair. Never play favorites or offer things to some workers that you don’t offer to others. And take steps to avoid bias. If you have a natural tendency to favor certain employees, even if it’s unintentional, take steps or attend training to help you recognize and avoid bias so everything is fair within your workplace.
  3. Admit when you’ve done something wrong. Admitting defeat is a true sign of strength. It shows that you’re self-aware and that you hold yourself to the same standards you hold your employees to. Plus, admitting a mistake is the first step in fixing it and making things better.
  4. Ask for feedback. You’re not a machine and you’re often learning as you go, too. Always keep an open door policy for questions and concerns. Ask for feedback on changes or new processes, and take this information seriously. It will make you more human to your employees and help them trust you.
  5. Stand up for your workers. Advocate for your employees and take responsibility for their actions. Show that you care and want them to succeed. Help them work through challenges and give constructive feedback and support. When you put yourself on the line for them, it will help establish loyalty and trust within your company culture.

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