September 2, 2021

The more efficient your warehouse, the more profitable your business. With a well-organized warehouse and straight-forward fulfillment process, you can quickly fill customers’ orders, ship and have merchandise in their hands. Remember: these are the days of two-day shipping. Your customers except speed and accuracy, and if you’re unable to deliver, you may find your book of business starting to decline.

It all starts with staffing

The employees you have in place greatly affect your ability to run an efficient warehouse. First, you want to find the right candidates. The best workers for your warehouse have some experience or are motivated and easy to train. They’re engaged and dedicated to doing the best possible job.

Work with a staffing agency

So how do you find employees who match this description? It helps to work with your staffing partner, especially if they specialize in working with warehouse candidates. Your staffing partner can hep you find candidates with the right skills and qualifications, so your staff is more likely to stick with your company long-term.

Training is important

Warehouse workers need to be trained on your fulfillment processes, equipment operation, content management systems, ergonomics and working safely—among many other things. Initial training should be built into your onboarding schedule. And follow-up training is also important to keep your longer-term employees sharp and on track. This will help ensure your warehouse runs efficiently.

You might decide to conduct training on your own, or you might decide to work with your staffing partner to train employees. Many staffing agencies offer training opportunities to help you maximize your staffing investment, and to help employees expand their careers. Check with your staffing partner to see what training options they offer.

In search of a staffing partner?

If you’re looking for a staffing partner to help you make great employee matches, it helps to choose a boutique staffing firm that specializes in warehouse workers. This way, they’ll understand what skills and experience a candidate needs to thrive in your warehouse. It will make it much easier and faster to staff up when you need more hands.

Check out Inter-Connect

We’re your source of warehouse employees. To learn more about our available staffing services, contact us today!

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