January 15, 2020

Your management style has a lot to do with the quality of your workforce! How you lead affects the motivation and productivity of your talent—plus how long they decide to stick around with your company. Your management skills can draw out the very best in people, and inspire them to accomplish bigger and better things.  

With the New Year upon us, now is the time to make plans for how you’ll improve your management style in 2020. Goal setting is an important part of your career—making it much easier to envision what you need to do and focus on how you’ll get there. And if your goal is to become a stronger manager, there are easy changes you can make to improve.  

Seven Qualities of the Best Managers 

Great managers are also great leaders, and many have the following characteristics in common. By adding one or more of the following to your list of development goals, you can become a much stronger manager in 2020: 


It’s impossible to understand your workers if you don’t listen to what they need. You can make great strides in helping employees maximize what they know, learn what they don’t and reach what they want when you simply listen to them.  

Get to know people.  

This includes both professionally and personally. It’s OK to be friendly with your employees. When they feel you care, it lets them know you’re not simply about appearances and gives depth to your management style.  

Inspire through personal growth.  

While you’re helping your employees get better at what they do, your own career aspirations shouldn’t stagnate. You can be a source of inspiration when you show your workers that you’re also trying to become the very best at what you do.  

Share what’s great.  

Motivate your employees by explaining why to work hard. Share what the company has accomplished, the big picture, your plans for the future and what everyone is doing well.  

Celebrate success.  

Say thank you and be grateful when your employees accomplish something. At the end of a big project, a sales win, an award, etc., share the good news on the company intranet, with prizes, a team outing, or any other way that shows you’re proud of your workers!   

Be human.  

No one expects you to be a management machine. Your employees will identify with you much easier when they understand you’re a lot like them. Admit when you’re wrong or don’t understand and ask for help when you need it.  

Set an example.  

You must be the change you want to see. Live by your own rules, and your employees will be much more likely to follow suit.  

Know when it’s time to staff up 

If you’re planning big changes in 2020, the one thing you want to avoid is an overworked staff. So when it’s time to add new employees, don’t wait! And to save yourself time and energy, consider working with a staffing agency. You’ll get the right placements in a fraction of the time it could take to search on your own.  

Check out Inter-Connect 

We’ll work with you to understand your staffing goals and find workers that fit. To learn more, contact us today!   

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