November 12, 2021

If you want to be successful and advance at your company, you need to help your boss help you. If they see the value you bring to the organization; it will be a natural progression to give you more responsibility. After all, your boss is staking their reputation on your success, and, like anyone else, they want to look good for the professional choices they make. So, if you’ve given your boss reason to believe you will only improve and grow in your role, they’ll be much more likely to promote you and help you advance.

Ways to impress your boss

You can prove your value with the following techniques:

  • Support them. What is your boss trying to accomplish? Every year, employers set annual goals to keep the company moving forward. And if they’re attempting to be transparent, these goals will be no secret—your boss will likely talk about them at team meetings. But if not, talk to your boss about the big picture to help you understand what they’re trying to accomplish. Then, align your work to help your boss achieve their annual goals.
  • Communicate. First, determine what type of communication your boss prefers. Is it regular, detailed updates, or just looping them in for major accomplishments? Once you’ve figured out how your boss wants you to keep them informed of your work, do just that.
  • Share your success. Don’t be obnoxious about it, but tell your boss when you’ve done well. This could be when you’ve finished a major task or gotten a great compliment from a coworker or customer. Remember, your success reflects well on your boss and emphasizes their good judgment in hiring you. So, sharing your success is important to prove your value.
  • Stay positive. Don’t fall into the trap of gossiping around the office. It brings everyone down and creates a negative environment. Instead, stay positive and help bring up the energy and work ethic of everyone around you.
  • Help others. Be a mentor to new employees or those with questions. Loop in your boss if you notice that another employee is struggling—let them know how you helped and any other ideas you have for ways the employee could get even more up to speed. This shows your leadership skills and your ability to mentor those around you.

Are you looking for something new?

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