May 12, 2022

Some positions can be hard to fill, especially depending on your industry. You may have spent time searching for the right candidate, but the job remains open—meanwhile, others on the team are quickly becoming overworked. Does this sound familiar? It’s an experience many employers report, especially right now during the current “war on talent.”

Four ways to fill critical roles

Luckily, you can combine traditional recruiting techniques and modern approaches to fill those hard-to-fill job openings. Try any of the following:

  1. Improve your job descriptions. Do your job descriptions come across as overwhelming to the target audience reading them? If so, you may want to work on that! Job descriptions should be free of industry jargon and terminology that’s full of gender bias. Plus, review your listed qualifications and determine which are “must haves” (like education and training) vs “nice to haves” (such as skills that can be learned on the job). You’ll open up your talent pool and make it much easier to find the right candidate.
  2. Showcase your culture on social media. You can rest assured that candidates are checking you out online, including your social media pages. And it’s no secret that culture is a big part of the equation, because candidates will immediately wonder, “What’s it like to work there?” Provide clues by sharing information on your social media pages (pictures of company events, the break room, etc.) and in your job descriptions.
  3. Offer employee referrals. Do you overhear employees saying things like, “I know someone who would be perfect for that job.” If so, you’re in luck. By offering an employee referral program, you can easily tap into the hidden job market of passive candidates who may not currently be looking. Plus, the likelihood of top performers knowing other top performers is pretty good since they may travel in similar circles. An employee referral program can be an easy and popular way to fill open positions—you just need to be sure you offer a reward that is worth it to employees, and make the process of receiving that award straight-forward and simple.
  4. Work with a recruiter. Sometimes, it helps to leave it to the experts. And when it comes to finding qualified candidates for hard-to-fill roles, recruiters will pull out all the stops to find someone who fits with the position and your company—in a fraction of the time it takes to search on your own.

Need guidance?

It’s tough out there right now when it comes to finding candidates, but a recruiter can help! To learn more, contact Inter-Connect today and discover the staffing services we offer employers just like you!

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