April 10, 2020

Good health is at the forefront of everyone’s minds, especially now. It adds to happiness and quality of life, plus it has a huge impact on your business. Illness can deplete your workforce and make it difficult or even impossible to deliver on the promises you’ve made to customers. The bottom line is that keeping your workers healthy is your number one priority as an employer because your entire business relies on it. 

Five ways to help employees stay healthy 

It takes just minimal effort—plus your support and encouragement—to help ensure your employees follow good hygiene and safety practices. Encourage the following to help your workers stay in their very best health: 

Recommend sick time when they don’t feel well.

Long story short: if an employee doesn’t feel well, they should take advantage of paid time off to stay home and rest. This has two benefits. First, it gives the employee the time their body needs to rest and recover. Second, it helps prevent the spread of sickness to coworkers. Have a process in place for employees to contact you outside of work if they need to call in sick. The easier the process is to follow, the more likely your workers will be to follow it. Remind employees that there is no shame in taking time to feel better, and no benefit to “working through” an illness.  

Offer “sanitation stations.”

 Germs are in greater abundance during cold and flu season, but they’re lurking on frequently touched surfaces (like doorknobs and keyboards) all year ‘round. In multiple spots throughout the building, provide “sanitation stations” employees can use to clean up in a pinch—with antibacterial wipes, as well as hand sanitizer.  

Post reminders for everyone to wash their hands. 

It should be second nature, but an employee in a rush may decide to skip this important, healthy step. Employees should wash their hands after using the bathroom, after covering their mouth when coughing or sneezing, and before and after eating. Make posters with these tips and hang them next to the cafeteria and bathroom sinks. 

Encourage breaks. 

Skipping breaks can lead to a lack of focus, mistakes, and decreased job satisfaction. Instead, encourage your workers to keep up with their mental health needs by taking regular breaks to relax and recharge. It’s good for their minds and their outlook to take lunch and 10-minute breaks during the day.  

Demand clean works stations. 

Desks are full of items that are frequently used and should be wiped down regularly. Piles of paper or other items can cause dust to build up, plus can rob employees of the ability to stay motivated and focused. Require your employees to clean their work stations once a week to stay healthy, focused and motivated.  

Practice what you preach. 

It’s easier to convince employees to follow your lead when you follow your own advice. Always practice all health practices you recommend. Your own behavior speaks volumes!  

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