April 17, 2015

Collaboration is key for the success of many business projects, but it can be difficult to keep an entire team motivated.  Maximizing productivity involves making sure every team member has the opportunity to contribute according to his or her particular skill set.  It also means encouraging the entire team to become invested in the outcome and feel that the group’s success is their own success.  While there are challenges associated with getting your team to reach maximum productivity, these tips can help you to ensure that your group is living up to its full potential.

Set attainable goals and celebrate successes together

Employees and groups stay motivated if they know what they are working towards and have a way to measure their success. If every team member shares a common goal and believes they played an integral part in achieving that goal, motivation will stay high. When you make your goals specific and you recognize the contributions that every team member made to achieving those goals, workers will be more likely to meet or even exceed expectations.

Encourage collaboration

Making sure every staff member has the opportunity to contribute is a part of effective workforce management. Every member of the team should be encouraged to speak up, to share thoughts and ideas, and to brainstorm creatively. Team members should be given time to explore innovative approaches to problem solving and to discuss ideas in a positive and supportive environment where staff members can build on each other’s thoughts.  Finding qualified workers who are able to work well together can sometimes be a challenge but a staffing service can help you to find team players who will come together and complement each other to create a great group that can get things done.

Encourage employees to take ownership

By giving employees a measure of independence, you can encourage them to increase their skills and take ownership of the projects that they are working on. You can develop leaders among staff members and help your employees grow as professionals. When employees are vested in the success of the project and are given the opportunity to put their own ideas to work on making it succeed, they will have more interest in doing what it takes to make sure the project is a success.  This will encourage workers to go the extra mile, and you should see significant increases in productivity.

Effective collaboration is good for the bottom line of your business. Let Inter-Connect Employment Services help you find the most qualified workers so your team will be made up of people who are ready to work together to succeed. Contact our Quincy, IL staffing service today to learn more.

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