February 11, 2019

Employees with access to reliable transportation can get to work consistently and on time. Of course, this is critical to a candidate being able to perform their job well. A potential hire who reports they do not have reliable transportation could be sending you a red flag they might not be a good hiring choice.

What to consider

Though you can’t legally ask a candidate if they have a car, you can ask if they have reliable transportation. If the answer is no, it could be that the candidate is young and hasn’t earned enough yet to cover the costs associated with a car. It’s also possible the candidate has done something to lose their car or driving privileges, and this could be an indication of a larger problem.

How to work with an employee on transportation concerns

Let’s say you’ve interviewed a candidate who is perfectly suited for an open position—they have all the right qualifications and experience, and they fit within your company culture. But, they don’t currently have reliable transportation. What can you do as an employer if this candidate is the perfect person for the job? You can hire them and do the following:

  • Provide information about public transportation. This includes bus, subway and train information, as well as bike routes (if appropriate). Depending on the weather where you live and the distance the employee lives from work, biking is a healthy and smart alternative.
  • Start an employee carpool. If workers live near each other, you can help start a carpool. This way, participating employees can save on the cost of gas, parking and tolls, and any employees without a car can get to work.

Work with a recruiter

Another option is hiring temporary workers by partnering with a staffing agency. Temp staff stay with you on a limited basis, and if their transportation situation is not working out, you don’t need to bring them on permanently.

Need to staff up?

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