April 24, 2020

Spring is a lovely time of year! It ushers in warmer weather, longer days and new life as trees and flowers begin to bloom once again. It’s a welcome relief from the grey and cold of winter, though you may notice your employees getting a little more day-dreamy than usual. Summer’s vacations, beaches and outdoor activities are on everyone’s minds. So, what can you do to help your workers keep their focus as the weather warms up? 

Four ways to keep employees on track this spring  

To help motivate your workers, it helps to offer new things to think about. Consider the following: 

Learning and development. 

During annual performance reviews in January, what did your employees mention as career goals for the new year? There’s no time like Q2 to start working on them. During regular 1:1s, talk to your employees about their endeavors and make plans for how they can reach their career goals. This could include taking a class or training to learn something new, earning a new qualification or registration, or finding a mentor within the company.  

Inter-departmental training. 

Mobility within the company can be incredibly motivating, especially to employees who are thirsty to learn more. Offer time to visit other departments, shadow other workers and learn more about a different job. Allow your employees time to learn more about a department they find interesting or pick up cross-departmental skills or responsibilities.  

Process improvements. 

Build focus groups to brainstorm ideas for how to improve policies or processes within your company. A little “spring cleaning” is good for your business and it helps to stay fresh and engaged about the way you do things. Asking employees their opinions is helpful, since they’re closest to the work and may have valuable ideas for improvements. Always remember to implement good ideas and give credit to those who thought of them.  

Have a contest.

This is another good way to encourage workers to share their ideas. This could include creative ways to solve a problem or complete a project, or ways to increase sales or improve customer service. Whatever needs revamping, hold a contest and offer a desirable prize (gift cards, merchandise or time off are high up on the list) to the winner.  

Champion collaboration and learning 

Companies who support their employees in becoming better and stronger versions of themselves are usually the best ones to work for. By implementing motivational activities like the above for the spring, you’ll help your workers stay focused while also making your business a great place to work.  

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