February 26, 2021

The elusive perfect employee… they’re out there! But how do you find them? 

First, it helps to understand what will make an employee a perfect fit with your company. What qualifications do they need to have coming in, and what skills can they learn once they start?  

Beyond those hard-and-fast skills, what soft skills will help them succeed?  

Seven qualities of the best employee candidates 

Some skills are obvious and others you may not have even considered. Check out this list of qualities the very best candidates possess: 

They think beyond their position.

Yes, they need to be able to do what is required of them. But real superstars are also thinking past that. They look for leadership opportunities, such as mentoring other employees because they’re thinking about what will help the whole team. They know what’s needed day-to-day, but keep the “big picture” in mind and suggest projects that can help the company reach its goals.  

They care.

They dress well (even on Zoom calls!), they show up on time, they ask for help when they need it, and they take time to learn things they don’t know. Dedicated employees go above and beyond to do the best job.  

They don’t give up.

The best and brightest stay positive and don’t back down under pressure, or when they’re faced with a challenge. Instead, they rise to the occasion and get the job done.  

They’re confident but humble.

Another good quality is humility—sure, a rockstar may know they have talent. But they’re not boastful about it.  

They play well with others.

There’s no I in TEAM, right? Exactly! Top workers are able to get along and collaborate. They understand that great things are accomplished with many involved.  

They share their ideas.

Great workers aren’t afraid to speak up at meetings when they have a thought or idea. If they’re more introverted, their preferred communication style may be through email. But the bottom line is—they voice their question, concern, feedback or thoughts.  

They’re able to share results.

Data and analytics are important. Rather than letting you know something went well, a really great employee will take steps to define that success—with numbers, if possible.  

What does a worker need to thrive at your business? 

If you know, or if you need help determining what those qualities may be, work with your recruiter! He or she will help you figure out what type of person is the best match for your workforce.  

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