April 13, 2017

While many of us say we work at our jobs because we need the money, the reality of why we stay in any given job has a deeper meaning: we like the people and care about the work we do. But even the most enthusiastic among us can become discouraged from time to time, and that diminished energy can have a negative impact on your team.

Maintaining a positive attitude can keep your team operating at a high level. Here are three great tips to help you do just that.

Create a Happy Workplace

We spend more time at the office than we do with our families. It’s understandable then, why a comfortable workplace environment is vital to maintaining a positive attitude on the job. Leave your troubles at home or the door to your office, and avoid coming to work with a grumpy face to show your team. When you strive to make your workplace an enjoyable environment, you’ll find greater involvement from team members, and that translates into increased productivity.

Be Social

Human beings are social beings. We need to connect with others for proper mental health. The bonus of encouraging a little social interaction among coworkers means better working relationships and overall improvement of office morale. When we like the people we work with, coming to work every day and working toward a common goal becomes inspirational, not burdensome.

Learn from Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes. It’s just another part of being human. And while it’s never fun to admit you were in the wrong, being accountable is a great way to inspire your team. They’ll be looking to you for guidance about business best practices. And they’ll be more inclined to try something new when they see your willingness to accept responsibility for accidental errors in judgment or action. Remember the story of the young bank employee who accidentally shredded a cashier’s check for ten thousand dollars? After they told their boss about the mistake, they immediately tendered their resignation. Their boss asked them why. “Because I made a mistake,” the employee said. Their boss laughed, ushering the young employee back to work. “I just spent ten thousand dollars making sure you never destroy another cashier’s check.” Making mistakes is normal; learning from them is what makes all the difference.

Studies have repeatedly shown a strong link between our attitude and our output; a positive attitude is essential when it comes to helping your team work at a high level.

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