November 6, 2017

The job market can be tricky! Especially depending on the industry, you’re searching—some are more competitive than others. In your job hunt, have you found you’re not getting contacted for interviews? Or are you landing interviews, but not getting hired? It may just be the stiff competition, but you can take steps to be sure your lack of a new job isn’t due to anything you’re doing wrong.

Four reasons you’re not being hired

Review your job search process, attitude and interview performance. If any of the following strike a chord, you may want to make some changes:

1. You’re being reactive, rather than proactive.

In some cases, you may be contacted by a recruiter for a job; However, you need to be searching for and applying to job openings. At the very least, you should be sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date, helping recruiters find you.

2. You’re not passionate.

Sometimes, job seekers want a new job so badly they’ll apply to anything and everything. This is a mistake. Employers want to hire candidates who are excited about the opportunity, not those just looking for something—ANYTHING—new.

3. You’re not good at selling yourself.

You have a lot to offer an employer. Your first step is figuring out your top skills and qualifications, and how they apply to the job to which you’ve applied. Then, be your own cheerleader in your resume and during interviews. Don’t be arrogant; be confident! It makes a difference.

4. You haven’t done your homework.

Before an interview, you should always prepare by Googling the company and/or visiting its corporate website. Prepare 3–5 questions to ask during your interview. If you fail to prepare, you may come off as if you don’t care.

Are you giving the wrong impression?

In the job search process, you want to appear professional, qualified, passionate and confident. You don’t want to come across as entitled, apathetic, unfriendly, unprofessional… you get the idea. You can’t completely control what the interviewer thinks of you, but you can control the quality of your resume, how familiar you are with its contents, what you can do to help the company, how you present yourself, what you wear and how you answer the interview questions. The key is preparation. So be prepared to put your best foot forward in your search!

Looking for a new job opportunity?

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