May 23, 2021

If you’re tired of getting the same answers from interview candidates, you may want to switch up your questions. Sure, common interview questions have their place—they help you uncover important clues about a candidate’s work ethic and personality. But you can get a good idea of how well a candidate thinks on their feet and how creatively they answer when you ask outside-the-box interview questions.

Five creative interview questions to ask candidates

Most candidates will have answers prepared for common interview questions. But you can get a glimpse into who they really are when you ask questions they may not be prepared for. These include:

  1. What is one thing your friends might say you need to work on? This question shows you how self-aware a candidate is and what steps they’re taking to improve and grow as a professional. A good answer to this question is an honest one that doesn’t raise any red flags. Of course, no one is perfect, but if good candidates recognize weaknesses so they can overcome them and ultimately get better.
  2. What would you do if I were a [insert any type of animal]? This odd question forces a candidate to think creatively, and also gives you a sense of their personality. They may answer humorously, thoughtfully or seriously, but their answer shows how they handle stress in a challenging situation such as an interview.
  3. Think about your best-ever day at work. What happened that day? This question shows a candidate’s career goals, values and passions. Did they get a chance to work on a project they’ve been dying to try? Were they praised and rewarded? Was it a fun, harmonious day with coworkers and team? You can learn a lot about a candidate from what they answer.
  4. Teach me something. A candidate might talk about one of their career skills, and this gives you a good idea that they know what they say they know. It helps them demonstrate confidence in their area of expertise. A candidate might also choose to explain a skill from outside the office, such as a hobby or pastime, which shows they’re well-rounded.
  5. If you had a choice between two superpowers—being invisible and flying—which would you choose? A candidate’s answer to this question can give you a better idea of their personality, and whether or not they’d fit with your company culture.

Need guidance on interviews?

Your recruiter can help. They can give you advice or even handle the interview process. It all depends on your time allotment for completing interviews and your comfort level.

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