June 5, 2020

In search of a full-time job? Trying out a temp-to-hire position can be a great option. The hiring process can take employers a while since they need to review resumes, conduct phone and in-person interviews, and screen candidates before extending an offer. If you’re with the company in a temp-to-hire arrangement, you already have your foot in the door—and this can mean a much easier and straight forward route to full-time work.   

Four ways a temp-to-hire position can help you 

If you’re on the fence about accepting a temp-to-hire position, consider the following four advantages of this type of work: 

See if you like the position. 

How often do you have the opportunity to try out a job before you accept it? With temp-to-hire work, you can do the job for a bit to see how you feel about it—and decide if it’s something you would want to do full time.  

Experience the company culture. 

Companies may look one way on paper, but be completely different once you’re there doing the work. This can be a good experience or a not-so-good experience—but you can learn firsthand what a company’s culture is like when you try a temp-to-hire position. And if you feel comfortable, you’ll be ready to say yes to a job offer.  

Decide if the commute is acceptable.

Depending on where a job is located, you could spend a significant chunk of your day traveling to and from work. With a temp-to-hire position, you’ll also get the chance to check out the commute to help you decide if a full-time position at the company would work for you. 

You might find a fantastic new job!

You never know what’s out there waiting until you give it a try. A temp-to-hire job may get you one step closer to finding new work you love. Plus, since many employers work exclusively with staffing agencies, this type of job opportunity could help you tap into the “hidden” job market, or in other words, positions that aren’t openly advertised to the public.  

In search of a staffing agency? 

If you’re looking for a new job in the Tri-State region, and you’re interested in trying a temp-to-hire position, check out Inter-Connect. We work with qualified candidates for placement in industrial, office/clerical, professional/managerial and technical positions. To learn more, contact us today!  


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