May 15, 2020

If you work in a company that uses paper products, you may have considered the advantages of going paperless. At the forefront of the argument is the impact on the environment. The production of paper products diminishes the presence of trees in our environment, plus uses energy and valuable natural resources. As companies become more environmentally conscious, the concept of “going green” has a big focus on what you’ll help the world save. But there are other advantages beyond this that make a paperless workplace a win for your company.  

Three advantages of a paperless environment 

You can save trees, reduce pollution and boost your company in the following ways by eliminating your use of paper: 

  1. Save space and moneyPaper is expensive and so are the supplies required to print on it, such as printers, fax machines, toner cartridges and repairs, as these machines require regular servicing and maintenance. Printers also take up a lot of space. When you go paperless, you eliminate the need to store and purchase all the equipment associated with printed copies.   
  2. Save timeIt’s infinitely easier to search through electronic files than file cabinets full of paper files. You’ll save your employees time and make your workplace much more efficient when you maintain everything electronically. Plus, it makes file access and sharing much easier if you have employees across multiple locations, or in other countries.  
  3. Improve productivityWhen employees can work faster and find files more easily, it helps them to get more done in a day. Going paperless opens pockets of time for employees to do more, and this helps improve productivity 

Make the change gradually 

If switching to a fully digitized environment comes as a culture shock, simply attack it little by little. Formulate a plan for switching from paper files to electronic files and forecast an end date to aim for.  

Need to staff up? 

If you’re currently understaffed, it can be a drain on your current employees. And that’s where Inter-Connect can help. if you’re ready to staff up, contact us today. We’ll work with you to understand your staffing needs and find new employees who fit.  

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