August 14, 2020

Every employer wants superstar employees on the books. But the thing about keeping all workers loyal is a comfortable and supportive work environment. This means one that caters to their health and well-being, supports professional growth, promotes idea sharing, and gives workers the respect and trust they deserve. Basically, a company culture that revolves around the concept of treating others as you’d like to be treated.  

Avoid these mistakes and hold onto your employees 

The easiest way to see employees walking out the exit is when your company policies involve the following unfavorable conditions. Avoid these at all costs: 

Poor work/life balance.

Gone are the days when employees are OK with working around the clock, mandatory overtime and anything else that robs them of time outside the office. People have busy lives. This includes commitments to family and friends, health and wellness, appointments, and hobbies. Flexible scheduling and adequate time off, plus a full staff to get everything done without the need for huge workloads, is the way to hold on to your employees.  

Not enough performance feedback.

Hard workers need to know what you need from them. What does a job well-done look like? Regular feedback will help employees understand they’re on the right track, while not enough feedback can be frustrating—and push people out the door and onto their next job.  

No room for growth.

What is the point of working hard with nothing to strive for? It doesn’t take long for a great employee to recognize that the only way to be promoted is to simply find a new job. Instead, promote from within, and give your employees reason to stay by allowing for upward mobility.  

Zero transparency.

Today’s workers want to understand what makes the company tick and how their hard work is contributing to its success. Let your workers in on the why and how behind company decisions, and see them stick around and continue contributing.  

No room for mistakes. 

Success involves mistakes, pure and simple. Give your employees room to make errors and learn from them. The fear of punishment can result in workers simply not trying, and going somewhere that will let them spread their wings.  

Uncomfortable office environment

Outdated décor, little to no natural light, uncomfortable seating; keeping your workers comfy can help keep them around. If the office needs a little sprucing—get on that! 

Need to staff up? 

An overworked skeleton crew is another big reason employees may decide to leave. And if you’re in need of additional workers, it can help to partner with someone who can help you find them—quickly and easily!  

If you’re in search of new employees, contact Inter-ConnectWe’ll work with you to understand your needs and find new workers who match your requirements!  

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