March 14, 2018

Stress can be good in small doses. Short-term stress actually helps propel you into motion and get things done. But when stress is ongoing over long periods of time, you can run into health problems. Chronic stress can lead to poor sleep, unhealthy eating habits, increased blood pressure, depression and much more. The bottom line is this: it’s important for your health to develop a plan for handling stress on the job. This can help you stay healthy and happy for years to come!

Three keys to avoiding on-the-job stress

You can be much kinder to yourself and breathe a little easier by following these tips:

1. Set realistic goals

Many people write down a to-do list of tasks to complete each day. Your list can begin with things you have to do and end with things you could do, but don’t necessarily need to finish today. Be honest with yourself about how much you can reasonably finish in a day. It feels much better to cross items off and add more, then to end the day with a list that appears mostly untouched.

2. Have a goal when you enter a meeting

When employees get together for a meeting, time can sometimes be taken up talking about topics that aren’t the purpose of the meeting. So when you attend, know why the meeting was called, what will be discussed and what you need to learn to help you with your work. Even if the meeting starts to get off-task, you can always ask your question and leave with a takeaway that will help you.

3. Manage your time

Keep track of your deadlines and schedule adequate time for yourself to meet them. Try to avoid time-wasters (such as social media and water cooler chatter) and procrastination. Often, if you’re having a hard time getting started on a task, it’s because there’s something standing in the way of your progress. Ask questions, get clarification and keep moving forward.

Check in with yourself regularly

What happens if you’ve tried to limit stressful situations at work, but you can’t seem to make things better? In addition to a stress management plan, it’s a good idea to regularly assess your work situation. Perhaps you’re just in an environment that’s toxic to your health. In this case, it can be best to put your energy towards something new.

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