April 30, 2021

If your employees were asked what they thought of you as a manager, what would they say? Many companies seek to discover this information through confidential employee surveys—it’s a good way to understand what might need to be improved.

Another way to control the narrative is to take steps to ensure you’re a good manager. And it helps to understand what these qualities are, so you can implement them into your management technique. This way, your proactive approach won’t rely on issue resolution; you’ll know upfront that you’re doing the right things to properly lead and inspire your workers.

Five traits of a good manager

You can be the very best leader to your employees with the following:

Know the right way to be in command.

Good managers figure out what needs to be done, and take steps to do it. They understand the end goal and keep it in sight. They make decisions based on their best judgment, give directives and assign tasks, keep their emotions in check and lead their employees forward. They’re courageous and they trust their instincts.

Be transparent about the “big picture.”

Employees are much more likely to be motivated when they understand what they’re working towards. For this reason, be transparent about goals and how employees’ work fits in. As their leader, explain the company goals to help them understand how their work fits in and how their contributions are making a difference.

Help people be the best version of themselves.

This includes meeting regularly with your workers to review their performance and help them stay on track. What are their dreams? Where do they want their careers to go? Help them get there by connecting them with resources, guidance and learning opportunities.

Practice what you preach.

You’ll be much more believable as a leader when you do the same things you tell employees to do. If you champion timeliness, show up on time yourself. If you preach hard work, you should also be working hard. When an employee needs help, you should be able to get into the trenches and help them, or in the least, connect them with someone who can. The best managers are never “hands-off,” but willing to work right alongside their employees.

Learn and grow.

Never let your career stagnate—instead, keep learning and improving by tacking on new knowledge and skills. It’s inspiring to your workers to know their leader is also accomplishing tasks they set for themselves!

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