January 29, 2020

Your reputation in the marketplace matters. It’s an integral part of your employee recruitment strategy. We’ve all heard tales of company cultures with no cap on PTO, ping pong tables in the breakroom, and “pet therapy” in the office—and the public’s general opinion of these companies is positive! But beyond exceptional and sometimes outlandish perks, what can you do to improve and maintain the popularity of your business, to help you attract and retain top talent?  

Four Ways to Increase Your Company’s Reputation 

The goal is to shine brightly for candidates, acting almost as a beacon on job sites. Since you can’t post your job opportunities in neon lights, you can do the next best thing… follow these four tips to glimmer brighter than your competition:  

Develop a clear brand.  

What are you all about? Once you’ve developed your brand, you can sync all your marketing to match. Think about wildly popular companies like Target and Starbucks… you can almost feel their branding, the message is so clear. Strive to become aligned in what you represent and how you represent yourself (in media, job posts, and all communications).  

Speak to “your people.”  

Your marketing and communications outreach will have a much bigger impact when you aim it at the right audience.  Advertise jobs in industry-related job boards, and watch your reputation grow. Work with a recruiter to find candidates who are searching for what your business offers.  

Stand for a cause.  

It’s all the rage with millennial workers and gives your company a more personal edge. Choose a cause that means something to leaders and employees, and openly support it. You’ll be working to make the world a better place, which feels good, and this has the side benefit of making you more attractive to candidates. Win-win!  

Become the place people want to work.  

Popular companies didn’t just become that way through smoke and mirrors. They actually offer benefits, salaries, office environments and cultures that are attractive to candidates. And it doesn’t always have to be about money (though competitive wages don’t hurt). Get creative about ways you can roll out the “warm and fuzzy”—research what works for other popular businesses.  

Not sure where to start? Get some input 

Your recruiter is a perfect source of industry insight. Check with him or her to discover what candidates are in search of, and let this research guide your business enhancements.  

Need a recruiter? 

Check out Inter-Connect. We’ll work with you to understand your goals and help you find the staff you need for success. To learn more, contact us today!  

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