May 23, 2018

The opportunity to be promoted and advance within the company can be very motivating to staff. This adds to productivity and job satisfaction. Plus giving employees the ability to move ahead helps you, too—it’s easier to promote workers internally since they’re already familiar with your business and corporate culture.

Five promotable qualities in an employee

If you have an open position you need filled and are trying to decide if a particular employee could be a good match, look for these five skills:


Talent that works well with others in your staff will be a shoe-in as a supervisor or manager your worker’s trust and admire. Good teamwork abilities are one of the reasons to consider your employee for promotion.

The ability to prioritize

Many companies are forced to do more with fewer workers from time to time—it’s often inevitable during times of growth or if you experience turnover. Knowing what assignments take priority to ensure work is completed on schedule is a valuable trait in a top employee—and one a worker will need to be able to guide others in a leadership role.

Cross-functional skills

It’s helpful when leaders understand how departments work together as a supportive and interconnecting web. This makes it easier to guide direct reports and make big-picture decisions.

Leadership tendencies

Some employees are naturally inclined to help their fellow teammates, innovate for ways to problem solve and guide those with whom they work. Look for these qualities when considering an employee for promotion.

A positive attitude

An employee’s outlook goes a long way—it affects his or her job performance and the attitudes of everyone around. A positive attitude is an indication of job satisfaction and someone who is happy with your company and wants to stick around. That’s why positive, upbeat employees are good examples of those you may wish to consider for promotion.

Talk to the promotional candidate

Before you offer a promotion, communicate with your employee to determine their long-term plans. Are they interested in doing what they’re currently doing, moving towards working in a different department, or moving on to an entirely different company? By gaining insight into an employee’s future goals, you can get a good idea of whether or not they’d be good promotion material.

In need of additional staff?

Maybe you have leadership roles open but don’t currently have any workers who would match the job description. If this is the case, or you simply need to staff up, just call Inter-Connect. We place candidates with office/clerical, industrial, technical and professional/managerial experience. To learn more, contact us today!

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