April 8, 2019

You’ve applied for a job you’re really excited about! You just hit “send” on your application—your resume and cover letter are out in the universe, ready to help you land the job. But then disaster strikes—you take a look at the documents you sent, only to realize your resume has a mistake. You want everything to be a professional representation of yourself—sans mistakes! What do you do next?

What is the nature of your typo?

Your next step hinges on the mistake you’ve found and how major it is. If you have a simple spelling error or you’ve misplaced a comma, it’s probably not worth reaching out to the hiring manager. But if you’ve noticed multiple spelling errors or major typos, forgotten to include important content, or your resume contains some sort of factual error—it may be worth it to resend your documents.

How to re-send

Your best plan is to just be honest and follow these steps:

  • If you’ve submitted by email. Simply send a follow-up email and add “UPDATE” or “RESEND” to the subject line. Explain you’re resending your resume because you’ve recently updated it, you’re very interested in the position, and you want to be sure they have the most current version.
  • If you’ve submitted by snail mail. Write out a note similar to the above and include it on top of your cover letter. You may also wish to write “RESEND” on the outside of the envelope.
  • If you’ve submitted an online application. Add the above note to your cover letter and resubmit. Many companies process applications with automated technology and your new documents will be auto-stored over your previous application.

Regular updates help you avoid errors

Typos and other mistakes can happen to the best of us when we’re in a time crunch. But you can avoid this when you update your resume regularly—this way you can take all the time you need to be sure everything is perfect. Each time you tack on a new skill, start a new job, earn a certification or complete an accomplishment, add it to your resume. When you make updates, just take a look back through to be sure everything still sounds right, and current.

Your recruiter can help

If you work with a recruiter, he or she can review your resume with you to be sure everything is on track. Recruiters are part job coach and they want to see you succeed!

In search of a recruiter?

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