March 2, 2022

Have an upcoming interview? One of the most important things you can do is research the company. First, it will help you understand if you actually want to work for them. Second, it will give you an idea of questions to ask during your interview to help you make your decision (if you’re offered the job). And third, it just looks good to a potential employer when you’re passionate enough about your career to do your homework. It’s the professional (and responsible) thing to do—helping ensure you make the right choice for your future.

What to know about a potential employer

So, now that you’re ready to do a little research, what specifically should you look for? The good news is, even a simple Google search can tell you much of what you need to know. Follow these tips to do your research like a pro and be 100 percent ready come interview day.

What is the company like to work for?

Your number one piece of information is really quite simple: do other people like working for this company? This will give you a big clue as to how it’s being managed. You can easily find these details on sites like, and even Yelp, depending on the type of business it is.

How is the company doing financially?

This will give you an idea of your possible career longevity, how well you can expect to be paid and what advancement opportunities you might have. Google the company or visit its website to check out press releases and see what’s new. You can also refer to industry resources such as 100 Best Companies to Work For, Ranking Fortune 500 Companies, Plunkett Research Online and Business Insights: Essentials to find information on the company.

What are the company’s values?

Does the company do any community work or have specific charities it supports? Do the company values align with your own? Visit the company’s website to learn more.

What is the company culture like?

You may be able to get these details right in the job description. You can also check out their social media and employee comments to learn more about the culture. This is also a great question to ask during an interview.

Why are they looking to fill the position?

Why did the previous person leave? Is it a newly created position, and why? What does a typical day look like in this position? What will be the first project you’ll work on if you’re hired? What is the workload like? How is the work/life balance? All of these questions are good to ask during an interview, and they can give you clues into why the company might be looking to fill this role.

Still searching for something new?

Maybe during your research or the interview you find out the job is not quite what you’re looking for. That’s OK! There’s plenty more out there, and Inter-Connect can help. To learn more about our job openings, visit us online today!


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